Best Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors come in all shapes like oval, round, rectangular, square and sizes – large, compact and full length. In addition to this they can be used in various ways hence the different makes based on its use. These include, wall, floor, make-up and bathroom or shower mirrors.

Furthermore, you can also buy a framed or a frameless mirrors, a wood or metal framed mirror etc. For those of you who are particular about designs, you can get your own custom decorative mirror. It must now be clear how finding the best decorative mirror can be challenging especially if you don’t know much about mirrors. Below we quickly go over each of the ones already mentioned above.

Wall decorative mirrors

There are all kinds of designs for decorative wall mirrors from round shapes, oval shapes, to the most common , rectangular shapes like the Radiance Rectangular Mirror. They work best especially to enhance the light and space in your house. Essentially, these give your room the feeling of being lived in and also add a personal touch

Bathroom decorative mirrors

Other than viewing your reflection, bathroom mirrors add natural and artificial light and a sense of space to your bathroom.

They come in round shapes like the Malibu Mahogany Mirror, rectangular shapes like the Radiance Rectangular Mirror, oval shapes , or without frames like the Eleanor Frameless Mirror. There are also framed mirrors, glass, frosted, adjustable, stainless mirrors, handicraft, cosmetic and wood bathroom mirrors.

Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror can transform the look of your room especially if you change a frameless wall mirror to a framed one. You can do this by simply removing the mirror and replacing with a mirror that has a mirror frame. There are various types that you can find in the market today.

These include the (1) Oval Mahogany Framed Mirror (2) The Woodtoe Rectangular Mirror, which has a wood frame and a beveled glass, (3) Majestic Mirror and Frame Shell Traditional Mirror – this miror has attractive floral details and a shell top surrounding it. The mirror frame is made of urethane in hues of antique silver and bronze. (4) The La Fuente Imports XL Tile Tin Mirror Frame from Mexico . This mirror frame has a fresh natural finish.

Manufacturers of decorative mirrors

The best decorative mirror manufacturers include Whitehaus, Alno, Afina, Empire, Smedbo, Blomus, Steel Worx, Hewi, Campagna, Allied Brass, Bath20, Aurora Collection II, DeRose, Warmly Yours, Wood Crafts and Echelon Home This is not a comprehensive list but it is enough o help you find the best decorative mirror.

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