Best Floor Decorative Mirror Review

A decorative floor mirror is one way to add elegance to your house because of the gracious effect and soothing ambience it can bring. If placed strategically, this mirror can make any room look larger and if it’s large enough, its glaring size can make a dramatic focal point and a striking conversation piece.

A floor mirror follows after its name, unlike wall mirrors, which are hung up on the walls, it seats on the floor supported by its metal or wood frame. You can also find one that is secured horizontally to the wall and framed to your satisfaction.

Uses of a floor mirror

A floor mirror can be used for decorative purposes, to add a certain flair to your room together with other accessories like chandeliers, crystal glassware metal picture frames and candlesticks, paintings and lambs. You can also use it in your walk-in closet, where you usually get dressed for the day to create a 360 degree viewing for your pleasure.

You can also use it as a decorative bathroom mirror by hanging it at the base of the tub or on the back of the door providing it doesn’t reflect the toilet .

This also makes the bathroom appear spacious. Other types have a storage space to allow for things to be stored safely inside e.g floor mirrors with jewelry storage. Some of these storage floor mirrors have felt-lined interior with ring storage, necklace hooks and pouches with Velcro.

Ideally they are used to create an illusion of space and enhances natural light while creating an artificial one. By placing it at the end of a stairway or hallway, for example, it can make the hallway seem longer and if placed on the sides of the hallway, it can make it appear wider.

Buying Online

There are literally thousands of different types of floor mirrors for sale, from modern to antique. To find one that suites your needs would require a thorough search on the net. Some of them include, the Heirloom Cheval Floor Mirror, which is an adjustable full-length mirror that tilts to any angle , Cole and Co. Regal Row, Cooper Classics Tuscany Leaning and the Valsan Traditional Floor Free Standing Mirror 10″ with Glass Shelf.

You can also buy the Homedics M-810 1F Floor mirror stand from shops like Amazin and Ikea.

Note that that they come in different makes and finishes i.e. wood, metal and polyester frames. There are also those that are frameless, made of glass, frosted, adjustable, stainless hand handicrafted .

They also vary in terms of color with wood framed ones available in mahogany stain, black, expresso stain and antique white and you can choose some from antique Gold, antique Silver, antique white, antique oiled bronze and brilliant brass.

When you buy a decorative floor mirror, make sure that it goes well with your color of the walls or tiles in your room and that it suites your personal taste.

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