Antique mirrors Online Review

One thing is for sure, making a difference amongst these can be confusing for an ordinary consumer who is only looking a great yet sophisticated decorative mirror for his or her home.

Here we review antique decorative mirrors and helps bring an enlightenment to the confusion terminology used in the world of home decor. Most often you will find Antique Mirrors for sale online e.g. antique venetian mirrors for bathroom and other rooms. Of Course they all come in different formats like, which means you too can find exactly what you are looking for. So whether your interest is on the specific product e.g.french antique finish mirrors , its value, clips, finish or you want to know where to buy them online, this site will provide a really helpful review.

How to identify Them

The identification of this great accessory is subjective in most instances. While others can label a 50 year old mirror as antique others prefer to give that prestige to a 150 year old one. Some say an antique is anything that is sold in antique shops. However, we can safely say that it is a mirror that has a special value because of its age, particularly those mirrors embroidered with fine artistry.

For most people identifying one from an imitation is an impossible task. However simply put, there are two general ways to spot it; The finish of the wood and the wood itself. For example, old mirror frames were often French polished with an assortment or a shellac finish.

And before the 1880s the most commonly used frame was made from oak, mahogany and walnut. This is obviously not a conclusive way to spot antique mirrors – if you are not sure how to identify one, it is highly recommended that you consult an expert to get an insight about antiques.

Never make the mistake of buying one without being sure that it is indeed good for the money. Too many people have fallen victim in the hands of imitations and you don’t want to be another statistic.

Buy antique mirrors

The best can bring a sense of style and charm to your house – Like the Beautiful Ornate French Gilded Antique Mirror that screams elegance. If you get your hands on one, it is best to grab it without thinking twice (if you are sure it is an antique).

Parchment Mirror

This mirror is categorized as an antique because of its antique parchment stain finish. It is 39 inches by 29 inches and carved from Asian hardwood. It is one of the best in the market.

Antique Rose Mirror

Highly priced at about $1,000, this Elizabeth Marshall one is great for you home décor. It has a hand painted floral motif on MDF, with an antique rose finish. You can buy one that is 34 inches wide by 54 inches long.

More recommendations

These are not the only best available in the market today; if you visit comparison websites like Next tag and online retailers like amazon , you will come across hundreds of the best antique mirors on offer.

These include, Visual Comfort Eric Cohler Tyler Swing-ARM Antique Mirror Sconce, Cal Beads and Leaf Antique Mirorr (Silver), Maxim Lighting Antique Stone and the Kohler Antique Mirror.


When positioning your antique mirror remember to take note of what is reflected by the mirrors. Consider hanging great pictures around the room to add to the look such that the mirror can reflect them and enable any one to enjoy the view no matter the side of the room they are seated on.

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