Decorative Mirror Clips To Secure Your Mirror

You’ve recently brought a frameless mirror and have no idea how to put it up without spoiling it; well decorative mirror clips are just the thing you need!

First you must understand that the only purpose of decorative mirror clips is to keep the mirror from falling, doing this in a safe, attractive way. They are not necessarily intended to clamp the mirror in place. Whether you are looking for information about decorative mirrors clips stores, liek Home Depot, Lowes or looking for some specific hardware, brushed nickel or more, this review will be quite useful to you. Just read it right to the end.


They come in different shapes and sizes to suit different size mirrors. There are wide beveled mirror clips and round decorative mirror clips of a unique design that are specifically designed for securing your 1/4″ mirror to the wall. Additionally, spring loaded chrome decorative mirror clips have been said to work well for 1/4″ thick mirrors.

The bottom clip is shaped like a square-bottomed “J”. Also highly-recommended are lucite decorative mirror clips which are intended for use on extra high quality mirror installations such as beveled edge mirrors .

The clear lucite material never yellows so the clips will always look new and lovely can also purchase those that screw in the wall and have a plastic clip to hold the mirror. Or you could go for the short ones that act as safety stops to keep the mirror from falling out of the wall cell.


Decorative mirror clips are available in 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch sizes. They are made for three glass or panel thickness and are usually fabricated from heavy gauge steel, metal or thick plastic as the y are placed under a lot of pressure. Decorative mirror clips are also padded to protect the glass and slotted so they can be adjusted.

They can be lined with felt, cork or rubber. You can find them without a hassle at any hardware supply store, retail shop, or discount store.


To install the decorative mirror clip, you begin by locating wall studs into which the decorative mirror clips can be attached. Use an electronic stud-finder to make the job simple and easy.

Alternatively, adhere the decorative mirror clips directly to the wall with mirror mastic. Respective installation instructions provided with each type of mirror clip you purchase should be carefully followed.

There are some that are quite expensive comparatively. But then there are also the average-priced ones like the Nickel Plated Finish Easy to Install CRL Bishop Mirror Clips available for 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) mirrors which is available on


A brief note on caring for your decorative mirror clips. Getting rid of water spots around them can be a problem. I recommend using a cloth damped in clean water. Never use a cleaner as it can be abrasive on the material of you decorative m irror clips.


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