5 Types Of Decorative Oval Mirrors & How To Use Them

A home without a decorative oval wall mirrors cannot quite be said to be complete. You need a one in your house to enhance that special aura of solidity, firmness – a sense that your home will always be there to welcome and embrace all that come to it.

This is the aura that people seek when they visit places like museums or ancient churches. So whether you are looking for oval mirrors for bathroom, bedroom or living room – whether framed or even oval vanity mirrors, this review will help get you started. In essence they are perfect for making imaginary space in your house.There are more than 10 types of these mirrors, but I will limit my discussion here only to 5 types.

I will also suggest how you can use each of them in a way that will suit you and your home.

Antique Decorative Oval Mirror

This one is an old and often valuable piece of furniture. The mirror is often spotted with dark age spots as happens in silvering mirrors, but it is also sometimes replaced with a modern clean one.

The frame usually has intricate detail and is done in stone, bronze or gold. Small wonder it is therefore that decorative oval mirrors are often quite heavy yet very delicate and require special handling and placing.

They can be ideally mounted at the end of the passage over an antique cabinet/desk with a flower vase atop or placed in your bedroom above you make-up cabinet.

Ornamental Decorative Oval Mirror 

This one is very decorative with ornate detailing that makes it stand apart in any room. It can be considered as a classical piece of furniture and can fit in any room with whichever style of decor you have chosen. Ideally you can place it in the living room above the fireplace or at the centre wall of the room.

Hardwood Decorative Oval Mirror

As the name suggests, the hardwood decorative oval mirror has a hard wooden frame with soft contours. It is usually polished in attractive high gloss. The frame of this one can be left a natural brown or painted in dark walnut finish. Give it an antique black and burnt orange finish for an ultra-modern look. This one is perfect in the study or the bedroom.

Contemporary Theme-styled Decorative Oval Mirror 

It could be an Adam style oval mirror done in carved wood or wrought iron, with leaf drops and floral design, or field style oval mirror carved with classic details like gathered wheat, acanthus, and basket weave patterns.

Both are examples of the contemporary theme-styled decorative oval mirror. This type can be choosy as the theme you choose has to be echoed throughout the room you place it in. It is perfect in a bathroom, ballroom or alcoved balcony you relax in after a tedious day.

Swivel Decorative Oval Mirror

The swivel one looks perfect when suspended on a vanity used as a dressing table or hand mirror. Sometimes it comes elaborately designed within a marble or wood headboard like in the solid pine Valencia bookcase waterbed I saw once, which has 2 etched glass doors and shelves on either side of a decorative oval mirror .

You will most likely find an antique decorative oval mirror in an antiquities shop, as its name implies.


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