Add A Personal Touch To Your House With The Best Decorative Wall Mirrors

There are many ways in which a house can be accessorized and one of them is by hanging decorative wall mirrors. This strategy is quite populary in the UK and US but there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t use it.

Whilst mirrors are generally used to view our reflection, they can be use as great decorative piece for your home. They work best especially to enhance the light and space in your house. By using these mirrors, you can create an illusion of space, add some artificial light while enhancing the natural one.

You also create an illusion of more windows for those houses with small or few windows. Essentially they give your room the feeling of being lived in and also add a personal touch.


There are all kinds of designs for decorative wall mirrors from round shapes, oval shapes, to the most common , rectangular shapes like the Radiance Rectangular ones.

You also have an option to choose between framed and frameless, glass, frosted, adjustable, stainless, handicraft, cosmetic, wood bathroom.

There are patterns available from flowers to oriental scenes to landscapes. So you can choose one that’s trendy or sophisticated. Wood framed wall mirrors come in various finishes like mahogany stain, black, expresso stain and antique white.

Some examples of a bathroom miror include, the Shaker Wall mirror from Wood Crafts, The Aurora Sunburst Decorative wall mirrors by Aurora .

The best way to hang them

There are various ways in which you can hang these great home accessories. For example, you can hand one at the end of a hallway to make the hallway appear longer or to achieve the same effect use mirrors that have a bold horizontal frame.

You can place them side by side along a hallway or stairway to make the hallway wider.

Using mirrors all over the way is a great way to open up the space with ease. This is a cheaper way to change the way your hallway looks. You can also consider hanging identical small-framed mirrors in rows in order to achieve a modern interior look.

Remember to take note of what is reflected, after all you don’t want them to reflect a clumsy area of the room. So consider hanging great pictures around the room to add to the look such that the deco mirrors can reflect them and enable any one to enjoy the view no matter the side of the room they are seated on.

If you want to capture a timeless traditional look, go for a mirror made with solid wood, wrapped in polyester. You best option should be between Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique White, Antique Oiled Bronze and Brilliant Brass.

Decorative wall mirror makers

In addition to size and forms, the purchase of the best also depends on the choice of manufacturer. Although this is not a comprehensive list but they are the best few available today – these include Whitehaus, Aurora Collection II, DeRose, Alno, Afina, Empire, Steel Worx, Hewi, Campagna, Allied Brass, Warmly Yours, Wood Crafts, Smedbo, Echelon Home and Blomus.

Otion and Prices

There are millions of these accessories being sold by different manufacturers all over the world. The list provided here is only a tip of the iceberg, you need to do your own comprehensive research to find once suitable to you.

Some of the well known decorative wall mirrors include, the Aurora sunburst, which has a sunburst shaped, and stylized antique texture, Afian, Bianca Gilt, Seneca, Carter, Solano and Isadora, which is a metal mirror. The price range for these decorative wall mirrors is $200 and $500 but you can find others outside this range.

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