Framed Mirrors And Mirror Frames Review

Like any accessory you buy for your house, taking your time to make sure  decorative framed mirrors are the right one for your house is vital.

In addition to the this,you also need to choose the frame to add to the look of the mirror and to enhance the space around it. Once you have found the best, you can then accessorize with various elements. Examples include, chandeliers , crystal glassware metal picture frames and candlesticks. Ideally, choosing the one should be determined your taste and style.

It can transform the look of your room especially if you change a frameless to a framed one. You can do this by simply removing the mirror and replacing with one that has a frame.

If you are one of those people who enjoy collecting picture frames then you should consider adorning one of the frames with some kind of artwork and insert a miror in them. You can also use waterslip decals to make a fantastic design and use it as well.

There are various types of frames, these include, Pearl silver, wood, brass, art décor, engraved and you can even get custom ones that are made to fit the specific measurements and quality you desire.

So if you choose to buy the mirror frame of a fitted/framed mirror, make sure that it is what you love and can live with for some time. After all you don’t want to buy something that you will spoil the look and feel of the house. So a matching mirror frame is vital when using decorative mirrors.

Framed mirrors and mirror frames

There are various types of framed mirrors you can find in the market today. These include the (1) Oval Mahogany(2) The Woodtoe Rectangular, which has a wood frame and a beveled glass, (3) Majesticand Frame Shell Traditional Mirror – this one has attractive floral details and a shell top surrounding it. The mirror frame is made of urethane in hues of antique silver and bronze. (4) The La Fuente Imports XL Tile Tin from Mexico . This was is most recommended because of its natural and fresh finish.

There are also other varieties that you can find for sale online. These include, those that come in white, metal, black, large or small. They come made for various areas but popular ones are the framed bathroom mirrors, which as the name suggests are used in bathrooms.

Mirror manufactures

Some of the best manufacturers include Whitehaus, Alno, Afina, Empire, Smedbo, Blomus, Steel Worx, Hewi, Campagna, Allied Brass, Bath20, Aurora Collection II, DeRose, Warmly Yours, Wood Crafts and Echelon Home

This is not a comprehensive list but it is enough to help you find the best mirror frame or framed miror.


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