Boost Your Image With The Best Full length mirror

A full length mirrorhas many uses like enabling you to stand in front of it and use a hand held mirror to view arrears of your body that are hard to see like your neck, upper back and shoulders.

Getting dressed in front of this type of mirror can become a moment to savoir as you stare at you bare – natural self with pride and contentment or with a committal attitude to go out and get that perfect body.Before you go out to find a full length mirror for sale on shops like Walmart, just read through this very informative article.

Furthermore, it can be used to create an illusion of space into your room especially when placed side by side along a hallway or at the end of the hallway to make the hallway appear longer.

Other than these functional reasons, it definately adds a touch of elegance to your room as most of them are well made and beautifully crafted.

It is not unusual to find a wardrobe with a full length mirror like the Darling Vintage Vanity that has a Tri-Fold Full Length Mirror or the Large Oak Effect Wardrobe with one built in.

Of course you should also consider one that comes with jewelry storage or a jewelry box.

Cherry Finish Cheval Mirror

Perfect anywhere this one has a fantastic cherry finish that adds to its appeal and graciousness. It has beautifully carved legs to allow for it to be placed independently anywhere in the house.

You can buy it from Amazon or Furniture on the at about $215. Alos check out Walmart for some specials. This is usually without the accessories. When you buy it through Amazon, delivery can be within 6 to 10 days and for some parts of the US , shipping can be done for free.

Foil Finish Hall Mirror

If you are looking for something cheaper than the Cherry finish Cheval Mirror, then maybe you could appreciate the foil finish hall, which costs around $40. You can use this one to make your hallway seem bigger or just use it to enjoy a full view of yourself.

It has a metallic sheen stemming from its polystyrene and silvertone foil finish. At $40, you can buy one that is 51.75Hx15.75W” .

Old English Silver Full Length Mirror

If you are looking for a traditionally styled decorative look, then consider this Old English Silver one. It has a bead detail around its outer edge and a linen fold pattern around the inner edge. Its mirore glass has a beveled edge – the finish is a matte silver with speckles. Costing around $120, this one also comes with fixings attached for vertical hanging.

Others that are worth you review include,

(1) Gertrude Dressing Mirror – it has a refreshing brown undercoat with a dark gray and gray glaze. It is also hand forged and ha a hand embossed metal and priced at around $250.

(2) Silver Jamal Full length mirror – has dual wooden frames that are attached at the top and bottom with a scratched silver leaf finish

(3) Heirloom Cheval Mirror – Has a cherry finish antique look reproduced in solid wood and wood veneer, adjustable tilt levels and antique brass plated brace decoration. This 63″ tall and 25.3 ” wide full length mirror is also great as a decorative accessory in your home.


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