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A make-up mirror is not like an ordinary mirror. It makes us feel more confident about ourselves because we are able to use to reflect on our image before going out to face the public.

A woman can own the best make-up products and have the appropriate skill for applying a foundation, powder, eyelashes, eye shadow, rouge and lipstick but without a make-up mirror, all of that is useless. Although it may be small and almost insignificant, but for the reason given above, it is always best to buy one that complies with international quality standards and should also be of high quality and durable. So whether you are looking for a a make-up mirror with lights, with wall mounts, led lights or vanity just read through this one of the many helpful reviews available on this site.

The best one comes in various sizes and formats e.g. compact ones that simply fold and can be kept in a small handbag. There are also other bigger ones, for example, wall make up and double sided make-up mirrors.

These alternatives have different material like steel, brass, glass and beautiful finishes like nickel, chrome, gold, silver etc. This means you need to be wise when making a buying decision.

While some can not move, others revolve up to 360 degrees to allow a detailed and superior view from any angle.

Fogless shower mirror for make up

Having a foggy mirror can be irritating especially if you want to get a clean, close shave or as a woman you want to apply some make-up immediately after a hot shower.

Fortunately companies have now invented a fog free or condensation-free shower mirror that you can use after your shower and don’t have to open the door or window to clear the steam – before you can easily see a clear reflection of yourself.

These condensation-free ones allow for grooming in steamy bathrooms. You can visit some online retailers like Amazon to check them out.

Conair TM7L Illumina Collection Two-sided lighted Make-up Mirror

Costing around $35, this one has four lighted settings and three panels. It is great to use anytime because of its versatility – can adapt to daylight and night, which means it is great to use in the evening, home or at the office before that big meeting with the client or boss.

Furthermore, it has a center panel that swivels up to 5x magnification and the side view mirror panels adjusts easily. You can also close the panel for easy storage.

Tweezerman Tweezermate 10x lighted Mirror

You can buy this one for about $20 or cheaper. One of its best features is the 10x magnifying mirror to provide the perfect view for even the smallest of blemishes on your face.

Other alternatives include the Danielle Chrome Fold-away lighted, Jilbere de Paris Delux Tri-Panel Lighted Make-up Mirror, Revlon perfect Touch Lighted Wall Mount toggler Mirror. You can review these at

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