Fogless Shower Mirror Review

Ever wished you could find a way to keep your shower mirror clear of fog after a nice hot bath? Here is a fogless shower mirror review that will help you with exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a fogless shower mirror with lights, with radio (MP3, iPod), or even with a clock this review will be of benefit to you. Let’s face the truth, having a foggy mirror can be irritating especially if you want to get a clean, close shave or as a woman you want to apply skin treatments immediately after a hot shower.

By the way experts say, it is advisable to do this after taking a bath whilst the skin is still soft and mist. Doing all this in a steamy bathroom can make the process unpleasant due to the effect the steam has on the bathroom or shower mirror.

Fogless shower mirrors

Fortunately companies have now invented a fog free or condensation-free shower mirrors that you can use after your shower and don’t have to open the door or window to clear the steam.

A fogless shower mirror allows for grooming in steamy bathrooms. These can be easily mounted against a shower stall or on the surface of a wall mirror and most of them also provide a hanger for a shaver. Other than these functional advantages, most of them can be used as a decorative accessory to bring a lasting impression to your bathroom.

Buy the best fogless shower mirror

When you are out an about trying to find the best fogless shower mirror, there are a few considerations to make. For example, you should buy one that can be easily cleaned with a window cleaner or mild soap and warm water at best.

Whilst a 2x magnification one can do buying a 7x magnification one is best for seeing up close to ensure a perfect shave of make-up. Try to avoid those that have a nature of easily picking up oils or grease from the air.

Also try to find one that has solid brass fasteners, suction cup which slides for horizontal or vertical mounting. Most importantly when you buy a fogless shower mirror (be it one with lights, radio, iPod, MP3, or clock), just make sure that it mounts on a flat and smooth surface like metal, glass, tile and fiberglass.

Zedro in one well known manufacturer of these house products – you can buy their Z’Fogless Ultra II Bathroom Mirror or other brands like the lighted ones with a Razor holder and clock.

Z Fogless Fog-free Lighted Shower Mirror

This one has a razor holder and a digital clock with a timer and date functions, which all adds to the convenience of having a fogless mirror in your bathroom.

More than the convenience of being fog free this shower mirror is also lighted to provide the cleanest shave or skin treatment even while still running the shower. You can buy this shower mirror at $40 from online stores like Amazon .

The Shower ClearMirror®

ClearMirror® is one of the best in the market today. It provides a ground breaking way of installing a condensation free mirror in the shower. It does not waste on electricity as it uses a low voltage heating pad.

Furthermore, it can be easily installed in to your shower wall to enable you to enjoy your shaving or skin treatment. You can buy the different options of this one from $220 to $300.

There are many more brands you can buy online. These include, Brookstone Fogless Shaving, Brookstone Variable 1X To 5X Fogless, Sharper Image 9″ Chrome Shower, Showertek Sharoer image 7″ Deluxe 3x, Strom Plumbing Riser-Mounted and Jerdon Fogless Shower Mirror.


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