Mounting An Unframed Mirror Safely

Owning an unframed mirror can be quite frustrating, as I’m sure you already know, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Owning an unframed mirror is particularly, extremely frustrating if you are not yet a house owner and are still renting, like most of the people who have wondered and asked about how to safely mount an unframed mirror.Yet many of us at some point own one, which we usually place on the inside of our wardrobe door, on the front of the bathroom cabinet or standing against a wall in our bedroom.

Well, feat that it may seem to be able to mount it up without inviting the wrath and penalties of your landlord or damaging your fragile mirror, it is quite possible. There are several ways you can apply to mount up your small or large unframed mirror safely.Option 1

Well, the first thing you could do is talk to your landlord about drilling a few small holes in the wall to install it and promise to restore the wall when you leave. Or you could just go ahead and do it without permission on condition that will restore the walls.

To do the installation, have some small neat holes drilled into strategic points (like the corners) on your unframed mirror and then purchase some decorative mirror clips and secure the mirror into the wall with the clips. Or you could use nice silver or gold bolts with decorative round heads instead of the clips.

Option 2

Build a wooden frame of the same shape and size of your unframed mirror. Attach it to the frame using mastic glue or other strong adhesive. Place a secure hook on the wall and then mount the frame behind to the wall.

Option 3

If your apartment has drywall over studs, find the studs, use the holes drilled in your unframed mirror, and hang it like you’d hang something from a picture rail: a nail (or an anchor of some sort) in two adjacent wall studs, connecting to the top two anchor points in the mirror with a loop of strong wire.

Or you could join opposite facing holes on the unframed mirror with a thick piece of rope or wire from behind, just the right size to fit through the holes. Stick the one end through each of the top holes and tie a knot on each end. The knots will keep the rope from slipping back through.

Option 4

Just get it framed!


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