Decorating with Mirror Tiles

Mirrors are one of those interior decorating items that allow you to experiment with a lot of ideas. One idea that has proven to be immensely popular is that of decorating with mirror tiles. This is a very simple idea that involves having mirrors in the form of tiles on a portion of wall section. Outside the home, like in restaurants and other public entertainment places you can have the entire wall tiled with mirrors.

In your home there two obvious places that you can consider decorating with mirror tiles, that is the kitchen and the bathroom. I have personally seen some kitchens that have used this concept and I must say that they look stunning.

You can choose the size of the mirror tiles based on the sizes of normal wall tiles. Medium sized tiles however are the ones that look great for the kitchen.

Check out  and pick out from one of the types of mirror tiles that are here. You can also choose a film for the mirror. For the kitchen you can go for a really darker shade that is less reflective like copper. Unless of course you want to add more light, then of course you can get a highly reflective film.

Like I said another place that you can consider decorating with mirror tiles is your bathroom. You can replace your usual bathroom tiling with mirror tiles. Alternatively instead of full wall to wall mirror you can get a tiled mirror instead. If you want to be decorative you can make contrasting pattern with the tiles.

You can have a pattern of alternating real tiles and mirror tiles. This is one of the best decorating with mirror tiles idea that I’ve come across and the finish looks great. If you want to give your bathroom a unique look, this is one idea that you should try.

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