Decorative Accent Mirrors

When it comes to decorating our houses with mirrors there are numerous options and ideas that you can implement. From the type of mirror that you choose, the shape, the frame and size you can bring whatever character you want to a room. One of the more popular type mirror is the decorative accent mirrors.

Accent mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Take for example the antique silver finish tall accent mirror. This is an elegantly designed ornate piece with original styling.

The frame comes engraved with Acanthus leaves, scrolls and other intricate details to give it a stunning appearance. If you want to reflect elegance and style this rectangular shaped piece will definitely do that for you. You can see this mirror and other decorative accent mirrors like it at

Alternatively you can go for the circular black sunshine accent mirror. I must say that this piece is absolutely stunning and is also available in an Antique gold finish. For a price of about $160.00 you can have it hanging in your house in a matter of days. The frame is in the form of the sun’s rays and has a round center. The mirror glass is 16″ wide and the mirror glass is beveled. Check out some of the decorative accent mirrors that are available at

You will be able to browse through the list of various other accent mirrors that in these places. You can actually get these pieces as sets. The frames are usually vintage designs with floral patterns. These pieces are not only suitable for the home but can also be put in the office. If you want to look up some of the ones that you can put in your office you can go to

From these places you can surf through the list of various decorative accent mirrors. You can purchase these pieces online and they can be shipped to you.

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