Decorative Compact Mirrors

One item that you will always find in any woman’s handbag is a compact mirror. It is quite useful for those situations where there is no large mirror nearby and you want to make sure you look your best. Decorative compact mirrors take the awkwardness away of having to do this in a public place. You can get yourself one that you will be confident to pull out anywhere, anytime.

Even the most expensive of these items are not that pricy. So this is one time where you can go for the most classic and elegant item and still be able to afford it. Take for example the Reflections Collection Butterfly mirror compact favors.

You can view them at  It is molded from hard plastic with a glossy black outer finish that is just stunning. It has a detailed white butterfly on the top and the hinge made of rhinestone. Most contemporary Decorative compact mirrors are two sided and so is this one.

It is has a mirror on both its interior sides. It is ideal as a personal item or even as a present for someone. The size of this mirror is about 2″ diameter; making it quite compact. Another place where you can get Decorative compact mirrors is  You can look up the Bellefeel compact mirror. The mirror casing is made of stainless steel and can come in various colors. It is round but can be ordered in whatever shape you prefer. The mirror itself is anti-scratch and anti-fog

When it comes to decorative compact mirrors, there is so much that you can do with them. You can get the metal casings that you can get engraved. You can also get a shape or design of your choice. Getting a custom made compact mirror does not cost much. For these and other similar mirrors you can check out

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