Decorative Convex Mirrors

Of all the various ways of decorating, none gives you more options and choices than the use of mirrors. We are all familiar with convex mirrors. They are widely used in shops and stores as security items. You can however get decorative convex mirrors that can be fitted practically in any environment. Let us look at some of them shall we.

You can get them hanging from a mounting or hanging flush against the wall. You can get small ones or large ones. Alternatively you can purchase different size mirrors in the form of a set.

You can consider the Universal Lighting contemporary black convex round wall mirror. This mirror has a subtle design. It can be fitted in the bedrooms, hallways or seating areas. The frame is polyurethane and comes in black finish. You can check it out at

It is 24″ wide and is about $180.00. The price might vary slightly from this though. If you want decorative convex mirrors that will are totally artistic and attractive you can go to  One piece that stands out from the collection is the Raindrops Antiquated Gold Leaf mirror.

The center piece of course is the convex mirror. Then it has a series of raindrops radiating outwards from the center. The length of the raindrops can be varied to create different effects.

The frame is a metal frame with an antique brass finish and is about 63″ in diameter. You can of course choose to have a different finish from the bronze one. The price of this stunning piece is in the $500.00 plus range.

Some of the more classical decorative convex mirrors can be viewed at These items were almost becoming obsolete but are now making a huge come back. Take for example the radiant and bright sunburst convex mirror that is here. It immaculate design and finish make it one of the most sought after mirror décor items.

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