Decorative Decals for Mirrors

One intriguing decorative idea is the use of mirrors as décor items. You can add to the beauty of a mirror through the use of decorative decals for mirrors. A decal is any piece of material that is meant to transfer the pattern on it onto another material. The concept is much similar to that of the stained glass windows associated with churches. The difference in this case is the art is not painted on to the mirror it is just transferred.

Initially decorative decals for mirrors were meant to transfer the pattern permanently on to the mirror. After some time however people grew tired of the patterns and would want it changed or removed altogether.

So today we now have two types of decals, those that are removable and those that are permanent. If you want some removable decals you can go to

There is quite a wide selection for you to choose from. Whatever kind of art that you can think of, you are likely to find it here. The decals that are particularly like are the vine branch ones that go on the edges or borders of the mirror. If you want your art to remain subtle you can have it on just the corners of the mirror. Alternatively you can have decorative decals for mirrors that run on just one single edge of the mirror.

I mentioned the vineyard branches earlier, but like I said you can throw on your preferred art style on to the mirror. Those of you that are quite sure about what they want can get the permanent decals which will permanently etch the pattern on the mirror.

If you have a piece of art or pattern that you want on the mirror you can also get it done.  is one place where you can upload your desired pattern and they will create the decal for you. You can check it out as well for some really interesting ideas.

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