Decorative Hand Held Mirrors

If you are looking for decorative hand held mirrors then you are in the right place. There is really not that much to consider when picking out mirrors of this size. The advantage that hand held mirrors have over larger mirrors is that there are more shapes for the small mirrors than the large ones.This means you have an even wider choice to select from than the traditional shapes that you are used to.

Personally I would prefer picking from the decorative hand held mirrors that have conventional shapes. In fact when it comes to mirrors of this size the circular and oval shapes are the ones that look great.

One that that particularly like is the great looking Embossed Lady-Design Hand Mirror. This is a stunning silver hand mirror with a lady design and elaborate floral design. You can check out this mirror at

There are other mirrors that you are just as beautiful as well and you can look up those as well. Most of the mirrors that are here are as you can expect either circular or oval. This is the most common shape for these mirrors and it is going for about $7.00. This is also the general price range for decorative hand held mirrors so you can plan around this price as well.

You also have a choice on the kind of frame that you go for. You have the option of going for either a metal frame or a plastic frame. Wooden frames are not common for this size of mirrors. There is a slight difference between the price of a metal frame mirror and a plastic frame mirror.

You can also go to  And check out the collection of mirrors that’s there. There is quite an impressive collection of decorative hand held mirrors that is here. Most of them are being offered at discount prices so you can pick out a more than one if you want.

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