Decorative Mirror Borders

One way to augment the style and elegance of a mirror is through the use of decorative mirror borders. Commonly called frames, you have quite a number to choose from. I am sure that you have realized that framed mirrors as the name says already have the frame in place. You can however pick a design that you like and request that they fit it on the mirror of your choice.

You can go to and check out some of the decorative mirror borders that are here. Most of the frames that you will see here are already fitted on mirrors. That is just to show how they look on the final product.

So just remember what I said earlier. You can get the frame that you want fitted on the mirror of your choice.

You have quite a number of options on the frame that you can go. The most common is the wooden frame. At the same time there are various kinds of wood for you to choose from. Besides the conventional brown wooden finish you can have the wood painted as well. This means if you want wooden decorative mirror borders you are not restricted to having them brown.

You can also go to  and have a look at the frames that are here as well. Apart from the traditional wood you can also go for the wrought iron frame. Again you can choose to have it in whatever color finish you want. These are some of the general frames that are there.

You can also go to You can also have decorative mirror borders that are made from reed and wicker material. You can also have this in combination with any of the various metal frame finishes. There are quite a whole range of other frames that you can go for. For those that can afford them you can also go for stainless steel, aluminum, brass or even ivory ones. Alternatively you can opt for a finish that resembles these materials.

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