Decorative Mirror Trim

If you are looking for a decorative mirror trim then you are in the right place. A lot of us do wish that our plain mirrors had a frame around them to make them look for stylish. This transformation is quite easy to accomplish. It is actually a DIY job that you can do yourself in no more than 30 minutes. Find out more from the paragraphs below.

The first place that you can check out is This place is able to make a custom decorative mirror trim to fit any mirror. Whether your mirror sits on the backlash or runs tight into a corner this is not a problem.

The trim kit sits on the surface of the mirror, covering the clips and hiding the mirror’s edges. You can either send them the measurements of your mirror or get someone to take the measurements for you. They will then send you the completed kit that you can assemble yourself.

There are various advantages of using a decorative mirror trim. The most obvious one being that they are much cheaper than trying to fit an actual frame onto the mirror. They are also much easier to install since you do not have to take the mirror down. There is a range of designs to choose from so you can still get a chic frame for your mirror.

The other place where you can get these frames from is  This places offers and even wider selection of these items. It offers its frames in wood, metal and acrylic. You can choose whether you want a contemporary design or a vintage one.

For more decorative mirror trim ideas you can also go to  You will find a number of contemporary stainless steel designs here. They give just the right amount of emphasis on a mirror giving them beautiful finishes.

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