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Large decorative mirrors can add a spark to your home especially if positioned strategically. It can make your room feel more homely, spacious and lighted up. Take a few minutes to see this review before you make a buying decision.Don’t worry about the text you see here we do also recommend a couple of places you can check out within the write-up (e.g. see the double underlined links by Kontera).

Decorative mirrors come in all forms (square, oval, round, wooden, metal etc) and sizes.

you can choose to buy Cheap large decorative mirrors or even extra large decorative mirrors if you really want to make a difference.

Large mirrors are heavy and difficult to handle.

They require wall support and may need additional support in the form of mastics otherwise can be damaged and cause you a lot of grief.

You should not try to move it by yourself, if you have to carry one especially up the stairs, it is best to get more people to help you or just pay the mirror retailer to move it for you during delivery.

Let us now see some some few options you can consider.

Cameo Large Multi Mirror

This one from Cameo costs about $200 on some online stores like Amazon. It has a multi and copper and gold finish weighing 20.0 Lbs. Its size is 26 inches wide by 36 tall.

Sabrina Decorative Mirror

The Sabrina Decorative Mirror is fantastic – simply great for your home décor. It has a frame that is hand-forged metal with hand-applied finish. Very sophisticated and refreshingly beautiful, this one can transform your home the moment you “unwrap” it.

Country Walnut Large Wall Mirror

This type adds a sense of style to your house and you can use it for your office too. It has a custom framed beveled mirror costing $220 and can be hung vertically or horizontally hung up on the wall.

Other large mirrors include, the large Bogart Wall Mirror, Chogan (Because it is black and simple, it can, therefore match many styles of home décor), Touch of Class Maria wall mirror, Astora, Metro and Tuscan Rustic Large Wall Mirror.

Ways to hand a large wall mirror

Once you have bought your it, the next step is positioning it to add value to your home décor. You can hang it at the end of a hallway to make the hallway appear longer or to achieve the same effect use mirrors that have a bold horizontal frame, you can place large mirrors side by side along a hallway or stairway to make the hallway wider.

Using mirrors all over the way is a great way to open up the space with ease. By the way, if you can’t find a ready-made large mirrors that fits your specifications, you can order one custom cut to almost any reasonable size and shape.

Other than this, large decorative mirrors can be used as a fantastic accessory, to cover wall blemishes and to cover up other old and rugged items like an old door.

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