Small Decorative Mirror Sets

Mirrors on their own make some of the most beautiful decorating items. These ornamental pieces can be used in various ways and in different places. Take for example small decorative mirror sets; they can be used in the home, office or any establishment or private practice. By making variations in the size, frame, style and finish these sets stand out from other decorating items.

One particular set that you can consider is the set of four Universal Lighting Antique Rust and Beige finish wall mirrors. Each piece has an elegant floral design coming with a beige and antique rust finish.

Each piece measures 12″ x 2″ and the set can be fitted in any environment.

The average price of this item is about $160.00. You can look up this set and other small decorative mirror sets that are just as stylish at

The same set also comes in a silver or bronze finish. Alternatively you can go for a stunning three piece Votive mirror set. This is a combination of three geometric shapes etched with stylish floral patterns on solid iron. Each of the mirrors has a small candle stand that reflects the light giving a very radiant and glowing look. The average price for this beautiful set is about $65.00. You can check out more fashionable small decorative mirror sets of this nature at

When purchasing these items you can go for pieces that are similar in shape or you can get different shapes. You can also go to  for some chic and striking small decorative mirror sets. For as little as $50.00 you can get the 7 piece Zoe decorative mirror set. It is made up of contemporary three 3″ mirrors, three 6″ mirrors and one 9″ mirror. The beauty of this set is that you can arrange the mirrors in fashion that you like.

Check out these and other magnificently crafted products at the places mentioned here. You can take advantage of the discounts and other promotions that are offered on some of these items.

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