Using Mirrors to Create Space

One concept that is associated with decorating mirrors is that of using mirrors to create space. By placing the mirrors in strategic places in a room you can make it appear bigger. That is one unique characteristic of mirrors, the ability to make a room appear more spacious. I’m sure that you appreciate that this effect can only be achieved with large mirrors. Let us look at a few examples shall.

I should point out that putting a mirror in an overly crowded room will have little effect. There should be enough space for the mirror to be able to reflect as much of the room as possible.

Remember I did say that you need to use a large mirror to achieve this effect. When using mirrors to create space; wall mirrors are the best. So you need to have one wall that relatively has nothing on it to hang the mirror.

If you are using mirrors to create space one place that you can make use of is  There is a wide range of large and full length mirrors that you can pick out for your house from here. If you can get a full length mirror then you will be able to effortlessly create the effect that you want. If the room that you want to hang the mirror in is the living room, I recommend putting a large square mirror.

To complete the look you can for a stylish and beautiful frame. Personally I like the Antiquated Gold and Bronze frames. These frames usually bring out the best of any mirror. Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference and taste.

When using mirrors to create space; you have the option of going for a different kind of frame. There are a number of metal frames that you can pick from like silver, copper, bronze, gold, stainless steel and many others. You can also get the frames in wood or leather. The same applies to the shapes. You can pick out a shape of your choice as well.

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